Call for Stories: Medicaid Denials of Clinical Trial Coverage

ASCO strongly supports the CLINICAL TREATMENT Act, H.R. 913, which would require Medicaid to cover the routine costs of care for patients with life threatening conditions who are enrolled in clinical trials. Additionally, some state legislators are interested in supporting their own versions of this federal bill.

In order to provide depth as to why this legislation is so important, ASCO is calling for information and stories that you or your practice may have related to the denial of clinical trial coverage for patients under Medicaid. 

Alternatively, we are interested in collecting stories of patients covered by Medicaid that have been successfully enrolled in a clinical trial. These stories will help illustrate how critical clinical trial participation is for cancer patients, and help explain why more Medicaid patients need access to trials as treatment options. Please provide any additional details below. All stories will remain confidential and ASCO will contact you before use.

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